City of St. Marys, Pennsylvania

City Mayor Robert howard

     I am so proud and honored to have been elected Mayor of the City of St. Marys.  The City is the second largest city in Pennsylvania with 95.94 square miles of land mass, and over three hundred streets.  It is a City rich in history with over thirteen thousand fine citizens.  It is home to the Straub Brewery which moved to St. Marys in the 1850’s and is well known for the “Eternal Tap” where a person can get a free glass of one of the finest beers in the world.  It is home to the first Benedictine Convent in the United States.  The convent is planned to close but the history and legacy of the convent and the Nuns will live forever in St. Marys.  Decker’s Chapel and the John Weidenboerner house on Walnut Street are listed on the National Register of Historic Places.  St. Marys was home to General Edward Meyer, a distinguished and decorated hero of the U.S. Army as well as Dan Conners a NFL player with the Oakland Raiders. WHAT AN IMPRESSIVE HISTORY! 

     St. Marys recently received State Recognition as being the #1 City in Pennsylvania where a person in the lower 20% of economic status has the greatest chance in the State of advancing to within the top 20% of economic status.  Being number one in the State is truly impressive.  I suspect that this has something to do with the many assets of the City.  St. Marys is rich in education with excellent Catholic and Public School Systems.  St. Marys is also rich in employment opportunities with “World Class Industry”.  Some of the finest businesses and companies in the country are home to St. Marys. The City is well known to be the center of the world’s Powdered Metal and Carbon manufacturing. 

     Some of my goals to accomplish while being Mayor are the same as those of the previous Mayor Sally Geyer.  I, too, want to see St. Marys as the hub of Western Pennsylvania.  I, too, want new business start-ups in the City and at the prime land in the Airport Industrial Park.  The Airport Industrial Park is centrally located between PA Interstate 80 and the NY thruway and only 15 minutes from the major northbound/southbound Route 219.

    While campaigning for the Mayor position I walked on over half of the 300 plus streets in the City and made commitments for job growth and to an improved quality of life for our Senior Citizens and Veterans.  I plan on keeping these commitments to our fine citizens!

    As Mayor, I will work closely with our City Management including our City Council.

         As Mayor, I will concentrate my efforts with the people of the City of St. Marys, but we cannot miss a tremendous opportunity in promoting co-operation with our County neighbors.  We share our schools, businesses and churches with these fine people.  There are great opportunities within our County and our State.


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