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The City of St. Marys’ Code Enforcement Office would like to explain to City residents the recent changes made to the Outdoor Fire Ordinance.

 In the past, one of the biggest challenges for the Code Enforcement Department dealt with recreational fires in backyards. Those types of fires were not permitted under the prior Ordinance. With the new changes, brush and firewood may be burned, uncontained, in the outlying areas of the City known as the Rural Conservation (RC) Zoning District. If a property is located in the more populated areas, toward the center of town or in developed neighborhoods, the brush or firewood must be burned in a container, such as a fire ring or fire-proof container. The revisions to the Ordinance allow residents to burn dead branches that have fallen from their trees, or to have a recreational fire in their backyard. Those individuals burning larger, uncontained fires located in the RC Zoning District are required to make a 24-hour notification to City Hall and/or the Crystal Fire Department.

 General restrictions still apply to any type of outdoor fire, including a 20-foot setback distance from property lines to the edge of the fire. Also, outdoor fires that discharge noxious odors, dense smoke, or fly ash are not permitted. All outdoor fires must be maintained by at least one adult person. No outdoor fires are permitted during any period for which the Chief of the Crystal Fire Department has issued a burn ban, and no outdoor fire shall be set or maintained for the purpose of disposal of garbage, processed wood, petroleum products, tires, and other similar materials.

 If a resident should have any questions regarding the changes to the Outdoor Fire Ordinance, or are not sure which Zoning District their property falls into, they should feel free to contact the City’s Code Enforcement Office at (814) 781-1718 ext. 239, and the Code Enforcement Officers would be happy to answer questions.


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